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New Zealand

Comprised of two main islands, North Island (Te Ika-a-Maui) and South Island (Te Waipounamu), and several smaller islands, it is believed that the first settlers, the Maori, came to the islands over 1,000 years ago from the group of islands in Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean. Because of its geographic isolation for millions of years, New Zealand has developed unique species of wildlife, flora, and fungi. Although it is a relatively small country, New Zealand has more than enough to offer anyone who visits.

The Culture of New Zealand
If you really want to get a taste of New Zealand’s culture, you have to visit a Sheep Farm. Sheep were introduced into New Zealand by a British explorer in the late 1700’s. Sheep farming quickly became New Zealand’s biggest agricultural industry and stayed this way for 130 years. New Zealand is now the world’s largest exporter of lambs, around 24 million per year.

Coal Creek Falls
Coal Creek Falls is not your average waterfall. It is a very wide, beautiful waterfall with serene surroundings. Coal Creek Falls is considered a “fan” waterfall because the water stays in contact with bedrock, but spreads horizontally as it falls downward. This is definitely a must-see because it is VERY easy to access and is a great swimming spot as well.

Lake Wakatipu
Lake Wakatipu is legendary. It was carved out by a glacier during the last ice age, 15,000 years ago. Legend has it that a giant was burned in his sleep because he kidnapped the daughter of a chief. The fire melted the surrounding mountains ice and snow, forming an S-shaped lake. It’s shape and crystal-clear waters are what makes it so breath-taking and unique.

The Road to Queenstown
The road to Queenstown is sprinkled with countless picture perfect opportunities, so make sure you bring your camera for this one. From Laka Wakatipu to the Remarkables mountain range you’ll have to make many stops at the coffee shops, winery restaurants, cellar doors, and numerous vista points. Finally, ending up in the beautiful resort area of Queenstown.

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