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Tahiti Activities & Sites

Tahiti Island
There is plenty to do and see on Tahiti Island whether you want to relax on the beach or explore the island. 

  • Shopping:  The 155 year old Public Mart of Papeete where local artists display their goods and you can find that special souvenir. 
  • Tours:  You can take a guided tour like the Circle-Island Tour or explore on your own in a 4x4, on horseback or ATV. 
  • Water Activities:  Snorkeling, diving, outrigger canoeing, surfing and much more. 
  • Botanical Gardens and Parks:  Botanical Garden with its hundreds of varieties of trees, plants and flowers.   Bougainville Park with its massive banyan tree, streams and verdant vegetation.
  • Golfing:  the Oliver Breaud International Golf Course.  
  • Museums:  Learn about Tahiti and her Islands at the Museum of Tahiti.  The Pearl Museum, the only one in the world dedicated to the history, cultivation, mythology and religion surrounding pearls. 

Visit small villages, stop at stands to taste fresh fruit and pineapple juice, stroll along the beach or treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment.  Use your imagination.

  • Water Activities:  Snorkeling with manta rays, diving, canoeing, jet skiing, parasailing and swimming with the dolphins at the Moorea Dolphin Center.
  •  Nature:  Take a spectacular helicopter over the majestic mountains or a 4x4 drive past plantations and across streams or a guided tour through the rainforest to Belvedere Overlook for a view you’ll never forget.
  • History:  Visit the octagonal church in Papetoai Village.  Built in 1822 by the London Missionary Society, it is the oldest European building in use in the South Pacific.

Bora Bora
Considered the most romantic island in the world, Bora Bora has been welcoming couples for 40 years with special amenities, white-sand beaches and coral gardens in an emerald lagoon filled with colorful tropical fish.  You won’t want to leave.

  • Lagoon Exploration:  Shallow clear waters offer the best place for snorkeling, diving and viewing the many schools of tropical fish.  Glass bottom boat tours, Jet Ski rentals and outrigger canoes are also available.
  • Shark and Ray Feeding:  Watch as these awesome, gentle creatures are hand-fed by your guide then later walk through shallow waters as the graceful rays swim around you.
  • Shopping and Dining:  Visit high-end boutiques to find that perfect memento or visit some of the fine dining establishments featuring international cuisine.
  • Motu Tapu:  Escape to your very own private island, the most photographed isle in the South Pacific. 

This intimate double island, joined by a bridge, remains virtually untouched by the modern world.  Known as the South Seas Garden of Eden, Huahine is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and coral reef.  Huahine will cast a lasting spell over you.

  • Tours:  You can take a guided tour like the Circle-Island Tour, bicycle tours, deep-sea fishing, hiking tours, historical tours, glass-bottom boat tours.
  • Fare Village:  The largest town in Huahine with the most activity and restaurants favored by the locals.
  • Water Activities:  Jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing and more.
  • Held every year in October is the Hawaiki Nui Va‘ais International Canoe Race.  Over one hundred canoe teams from around the world compete in this arduous 77 mile, 3 day race.

Known as the “Sacred Island”, Raiatea is the second largest Tahitian isle and you’ll find it to be quiet, friendly and relaxing.

  • Island Exploration:  Tour the tiny villages by car, bus or boat and see the pearl farms and tiny motu.  Follow a knowledgeable guide along ancient footpaths as you visit the Temehani Plateau to Mount Temehani to see the rare Tiare Apetahi flowers open.
  • Water Activities:  Diving is very popular due to the caverns, drop-offs, ship wrecks and sea mounts.  Snorkeling among reef fish, sail boat charters, glass-bottom boat, kayak or jet skiing.
  • Private Island Picnic:  Spend a half or full-day on your own private island with a picnic lunch in the shade of a palm tree.

Fertile valleys and beautiful beaches greet you in Taha‘a along with the heavenly scent of vanilla.  Tiny villages, luxury resorts and friendly locals will help to make your stay special.

  • Island Exploration:  Tour this charming island on your own or follow a guide.  Visit the vanilla plantations where you can stroll through the lovely orchids and see how the vanilla is processed.
  • Shopping:  Explore the tiny villages where local artisans will help you find that special gift to take home.  Some villages to see is Haamene near pearl farms and a turtle preserve, Patio is a traditional fishing village and Tiva is surrounded by Vanilla plantations.
  • Water Activities:  Diving is very popular due to the caverns, drop-offs, ship wrecks and sea mounts.  Snorkeling among reef fish, eels, perches, red snappers, silver jacks and reef sharks is a must do.

This string of coral islands surrounds one of the greatest dive locations in the world.  Only two of the islands are inhabited so you will find ample privacy and quiet.

  • Water Activities:  The water is deep and crystal clear to 150 feet so the diving and snorkeling is ideal.  You’ll see seemingly millions of fish including reef sharks and eagle rays.  Blue Lagoon motu is one of the most popular.
  • Pearl Farms:  See how these exquisite pearl are grafted, harvested and cultivated at one of the largest pearl farms in French Polynesia.
  • Avatoru and Tiputa:  Only two of the islands in Rangiroa are inhabited and most of the population lives in these two villages.  Most of the island’s businesses, hotels and shops are located in Avatoru but Tiputa is a quick 45-minute boat ride away and is worth the visit.

This sparsely populated atoll will take you back in time to a simpler way of life.  The beautiful white and pink-sand beaches will leave you with a lasting memory.

  • Bird Island Excursion:  Your guide will take you across the lagoon to this bird watcher’s paradise.  Several different species of bird call this tiny island home and you will get to see them in their natural habitat.
  • Water Activities:  The legendary marine researcher Jacques Cousteau once said that Tikehau had the highest concentration of fish than any other lagoon in French Polynesia.  Diving and snorkeling is spectacular in this area if you really want to see the aquatic life.