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The Islands of Tahiti: Features

Tahiti Island

TAHITI HALF DAY CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR:Learn about the history of French Polynesia, soak up panoramic island views, and visit gorgeous waterfalls and botanic gardens on this tour from Papeete. Set out to explore the island of Tahiti in an air-conditioned mini-van with an experienced, English speaking local guide. Stop at Venus Point, located on Matavai Bay. Venus Point is home to a picturesque Victorian-era lighthouse and site of Cook's observation of the transit of Venus in 1769. As you walk around, note the monument that commemorates Cook's work here as well as a monument commemorating the arrival of HMS Bounty on 27th October 1788.
Cruise along scenic roads to arrive at the Arahoho blowhole where, when there's a big swell, water shoots skyward, resulting in what might be a free shower courtesy of the sea! For manicured landscapes, visit the Vaipahi Garden, where you can wander around a tree-shaded wonderland of waterfalls, ponds and colorful tropical flowers. You'll come to the top of One Tree Hill, so named by Capt. James Cook because a single tree stood on this steep headland in the late 1700s. Is it also one of Tahiti's most magnificent vistas. You'll look down on the north coast all the way from Matavai Bay to Papeete, with Moorea looming on the far horizon.

4X4 MOUNTAIN SAFARI: Journey through Tahiti`s deep valleys and thick rainforests on this guided 4x4 Jeep Safari. Your English-speaking driver will take you to the volcanic crater that originally formed Tahiti over a million years ago. You'll drive to Tahara'a "One Tree Hill" and witness a spectacular view of Matavai Bay. Captain James Cook sailed the "Endeavor" into Tahiti's Matavai Bay in 1769 and sighted a single tree with bright red-orange flowers growing on the promontory above the bay. Cook used the tree as a navigational landmark and named this reference point "One Tree Hill." Although the gnarled old tree has long since disappeared, the lookout provides impressive panoramic views of the island of Moorea, the Sea of Moons and the surrounding coral reefs and lagoons. You will take a short drive along the scenic coast to Papeno`o Valley (also known as Maroto Valley), the largest valley on the island, and explore lush landscapes and beautiful waterfalls at the island`s interior. The view of the surrounding mountain sides carved by centuries of erosion covered with rich thick multi-green rain forest will awe you. Enjoy the adventurous drive of crossing rivers with many photo stops of the numerous waterfalls and opportunities to swim, unless areas are muddy after a rain.

HIKING ADVENTURE: Hike to Mount Aorai, which means "heavenly world" and is the second highest peak in Tahiti. Mount Aorai rises next to Papeete city and offers stunning views over most of the island. You will discover lush valleys, cascading waterfalls to be admired and other natural wonders along the way.



MOOREA 4 X 4 SAFARI TOUR Tour Moorea with it’s majestic mountains and turquoise lagoons in a 4x4 vehicle. Discover some of Moorea’s most popular sites including , “Magic Mountain”, a spectacular 360 degree lookout point, Pineapple and other plantations are visited as well as Belvedere Point with spectacular view of both Cooks and Opunohu Bays.

LAGOON TOUR WITH MOTU BEACH PICNIC AND RAY FEEDING: Board a comfortable, covered motorized boat and cruise along the colorful lagoons while your guide explains the history and points out various points of interest in Moorea. Your guide will attract schools of friendly stingrays for a feeding while you touch and play with these gentle creatures. A delicious buffet style lunch is served with soft island music in the background. Plenty of time for snorkeling, swimming or just relaxing. A truly memorable afternoon.

TIKI VILLAGE: Visit an authentic Tahitian cultural center and Polynesian Village as a reminder of the old Polynesia. View authentic arts and crafts demonstrations, a Tahitian and International buffet, pareo tying demonstration and the highlight of the evening is a fabulous Tahitian Folklorique show with a cast of 60 people. Includes round trip transfers.

DOLPHIN ENCOUNTERS: 1 *MITI (Familiarization with dolphins shallow water) 2 *REVA (Swim and dive with the Dolphins) Indulge yourself in an unforgettable encounter with these great romantic sea creatures. The softness of their skin, their craving for strokes and kisses and their playfulness are not the least of their charming assets. Trainers will tell you all you’ve ever wanted to know about dolphins. You will take the relationship one step further by joining your new friends in their element.

WHALE AND DOLPHIN WATCHING: Encounter wild dolphins and whales on the most exciting and informative eco-tour in French Polynesia, led by marine biologist Dr. Michael Poole's research team. Dr. Poole and his team have been conducting research on French Polynesia's dolphins and whales since 1987, and have been leading dolphin and whale watching eco-tours since 1992. Observe closely, learn about, and photograph acrobatic dolphins, magnificent whales, and the dramatic beauty of Moorea. Relax with a snorkeling stop in Moorea's translucent, blue, green lagoon.

MOOREA CIRCLE ISLAND TOUR: By Boat Explore the beauty of Moorea in a speed catamaran. Play with the friendly stingrays, observe sharks, look for Dolphins and whales in season. Cocktails and juice included


Bora Bora

4 WHEEL DRIVE TOUR: In an open air Land Rover, you are off to explore some of Bora Bora’s secluded regions, mountains and interior. Making your way through lush vegetation, you will be rewarded with fabulous panoramas of the valleys, the barrier reef and the lagoon with it’s magnificent colors. You will also see World War II vestiges, canons still standing in their original

LOVE BOAT SUNSET CRUISE: (Private only) This is a Honeymoon oriented Sunset Cruise. Bora Bora Photo Lagoon will take you to the most beautiful places at the best time for the romantic photographs of your exceptional Honeymoon in Bora Bora, which justifies your trip to the most mythical island. Snorkeling if desired.

4x4 AIR CONDITIONED DRIVE TOUR: In an comfortable, air conditioned 4x4 vehicle, tour around the island and see some of the most breathtaking lookout points accessible only by 4x4 you will ever see. Venture to the interior of Bora Bora following old military tracks including some World War 2 sites the Americans built during their friendly take over of the island in 1942. Learn about the ancient temples of the great Tahitian seafaring society built around 1000AD and the many legends of the island. Travel to the north east side of the island and climb to a magnificent lookout point 300 meters high where there is a spectacular view across to the neighboring islands of Raiatea, Taha’a and Maupiti.

SHARK AND SNORKEL SAFARI: Explore the unspoiled coral reef and underwater life in Bora Bora. A covered boat will transfer you across the lagoon near the barrier reef where ideal conditions have encouraged maximum growth. After you explore the reef for a while, your guide will will attract some “black tipped” sharks with bait and feed these graceful creatures. An experience not to be missed.

JET SKI TOUR: For those who crave a "higher adrenaline" kind of day we'll guide you on a highlight filled circle island tour of Bora Bora and stop at all the best snorkeling spots along the way. Coconut show and fruit juice included.

BORA BORA LAGOONARIUM: Our Lagoonarium is the ONLY one where you actually can JOIN IN AND SWIM AROUND WITH THE CREATURES IN THE WATER! In fact, you are encouraged to do so and it promises to be the highlight of your day! You'll get a snorkel and mask and be able to "socialize" with the amazing creatures of the Bora bora lagoon! Accompanying you in the Lagoonarium are our well trained guides. They will show you the best way to see and touch the animals that you've seen and heard so much about. Picnic lunch on the motu is included.

ROMANTIC TOUR: Private 3 hours Aboard your personal boat, our knowledgeable captain will take you to coral gardens, snorkeling spots and will give you a little history of Bora Bora. Along the way, you’ll enjoy natural wonders such as colorful fishes, sting rays and sharks. The lagoon will be your personal playground. This is a 3 hours escapade just for the two of you!

MOANA JET BOAT: Feed and touch the Stingrays and snorkel the beautiful CORAL GARDENS with this uniquely equipped surface drive boat for shallow waters. Enjoy your cocktail in the most beautiful sandy, shallow and clear turquoise waters imaginable. Experience the thrill of this Jet Boat with its unsurpassed capabilities. HOLD ON TIGHT!!!